Studying psychology opens up a wide range of professional opportunities. Working as a psychologist is possible in many professional fields, depending on the specialisation. In order to facilitate orientation, a selection of professional fields will be presented at this event. Psychologists from each SFU branch will present their fields of work and provide an insight into their everyday work. There will be first-hand information as well as space for exchange and questions. Language of presentation will be English.

Boosting employee’s potential in a world where all red alarms are on
Maja Fesel Kamenik, Phd M.B.A. Business Psychologist
November 10th 2021, 6.00–7.30 pm

Maja Fesel Kamenik, Phd M.B.A.

In 2020 negative emotions (worry, anger, stress, and sadness) among employees  reached record  levels. In addition, Gallup has found  that roughly seven in ten employees  are struggling or suffering,  rather than thriving,  in their  overall lives. Did you know that just 16 % of employees in Slovenia are engaged? That 51 % of employees  are daily experiencing worry? That 37 % of employees  are daily experiencing stress? Gallup’s research  turns on all red alarms.

In »Business psychology« we will look at the problems Gallup identi- fied through BEEP model of boosting employee’s potential. We will di- scover what opportunities should  organizations provide to create stimu- lating environment; what mindset is optimal for employees to have and what can organizations do to promote that; and last but not least, how can we take care of employee’s wellbeing. Only when we figure out answers to these questions, we will be able to increase satisfaction, engagement, commitment, and positive emotions in the workplace.

Through BEEP model  we will learn how psychologists in organiza- tion can help realize individual’s  potential and what roles can psycholo- gists take on to set off red alarms. At the end of the day the goal is not »work to live«, rather it should  be »living while working«


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November 24th 2021
Denise Girard, MSc.
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December 15th 2021
Regina Gregori Grgič, PhD,
Lecturer  and Researcher
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January 19th 2022
Dipl.-Psych. Jörg Bergmann
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Past lectures

October 20th 2021
The human factor when companies are in change
As a clinical and health psychologist in the field of change management and enterprise agile coaching.
Petra Elsinger, MSc |
Clinical and Health Psychologist, People & Change Manager, Enterprise Agile Coach, Alumni of SFU.
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Lecture Series »Professional Fields and Practice of Psychology« organized by the Faculty of Psychology Vienna, Berlin, Linz, Ljubljana and Milan.