Sigmund Freud University Vienna invited Milan’s Master Class 2019 for the Annual Scientific Poster Conference at the 15th of March in Vienna. Allowing a better connection between the various branches, we were encouraging the exchange between Milanese and Viennese students as well as academic staff. We are proud to announce that our Poster Conference already reached its third edition.

Milan students in their second-year master’s degree in Clinical Psychology presented their thesis projects ranging from projects on borderline personality disorder to eating disorder, depression and neuropsychological issues. Seeing Milanese students interact and proudly present their projects in the Viennese context is a source of great joy for us, emphasising their belonging to our university network.

Our warm thanks go to Prof. Gerhard Benetka (Dean, faculty of psychology) chairing the session,  Univ.-Ass. Dominik Mihalits,  MSc. (Vice-Dean, faculty of psychology) as well as Dr Thomas Ditye, making this event a big success.

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