Ass.-Prof. Dr. Florian Heindler

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- KO Sachenrecht/Property Law (Course)
- KO Internationales Privatrecht/Private International Law (Course)
- SE Internationale Regelwerke des Privatrechts/Comparative Private Law (Seminar)
- KO Schuldrecht/Law of Obligations (Course)



Prof Heindler's research interests are principally concerned with private international law in various contexts (applicable law, jurisdiction, recognition & enforcement and legal cooperation), comparative law, and foundations of private law. The main writing project since 2017 has been a contribution to the commentary Rummel & Lukas (ABGB) on private international law forthcoming in winter 2020. Prof Heindler also publishes the volume on the 40th anniversary of the Austrian Private International Law Act forthcoming in winter 2020.


Recent publications

Zak 2020/237: Schadenersatz mit Auslandsberührung wegen COVID-19/Cross-border damage claims caused by COVID-19 (in German)

ÖBA 2020,395: Die Faustpfandpublizität im IPR/ Physical handover publicity in PIL (in German)

EPLJ 2019, 301: Continuation of security rights in movable assets in conflict of laws – Austrian approach reconsidered

ULR 2019, 685: The law applicable to third-party effects of transactions in intermediated securities

Responsibilities and Membership

Stellvertretender Vorsitzender des akademischen Senats der SFU (
Vice Chairman of the SFU Academic Senate (

Vorsitzender der Interdisziplinären Gesellschaft für Komparatistik und Kollisionsrecht ( of the Interdisciplinary Association of Comparative and Private International Law (

Assoziiertes Mitglied der Internationalen Akademie für Rechtsvergleichung (IACL)/Associate Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law (IACL)

Assoziiertes Mitglied des Zentrums für Internationales Privatrecht der University of Aberdeen/Associate member of the Centre for Private International Law at the University of Aberdeen


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Ass.-Prof. Dr.  Florian Heindler