Programme-Team SFUrope Autumn School 2020:
Kate Sheese M.A.
Leonard Brixel M.A. Sara Paloni Katharina Hametner

The SFUrope Autumn School aims to facilitate a process in which SFU students and academic staff from four different faculties and five regional contexts reflect together on Europe and on the national-cultural contexts of their academic work. By focusing on one common broader societal topic, SFUrope enhances a trans-national research network and interfaculty collaborations.

This project is part of the international research cluster RECHANGE – Ressentiment and Change Potential in Europe, located at the Faculty of Psychology. It is led by Prof. Dr. David Becker (SFU Berlin), and implemented by Sara Paloni (SFU Vienna) in close collaboration with all SFU faculties and branches and with the support of the Institute of Statistics (SFU Vienna).