The Faculty of Psychology of Sigmund Freud University Vienna wishes to appoint to the post of Professor of Personality Psychology, Culture, and Social Theory at the University Branch in Berlin.
University Professor for Personality Psychology, Culture, and Social Theory (Differentielle Psychologie, Kultur, und Sozialtheorie)

In full employment (permanent position), starting 01.10.2024

The Faculty of Psychology at SFU is distinguished by its unique blend of natural science foundations and cultural and social sciences, precisely because our approach transcends traditional discipline boundaries, offering a comprehensive perspective on the science of psychology. At Sigmund Freud University, we adopt a comprehensive approach that considers various scientific methodologies and underscores their origins in diverse worldviews as well as the impacts of different historical, cultural, and geopolitical contexts. This holistic perspective enriches our comprehension of psychological phenomena by seamlessly integrating scientific knowledge with a nuanced understanding of the intricacies of human experience across different social and cultural landscapes.
According to its central strategic document, the development plan, the claim to scientific excellence in appointments, favourable research conditions, an excellent work environment and the promotion of young academics are among the primary guiding principles and objectives of the university.

As our new Full-Professor, you will be a role model and a key member of the Sigmund Freud university branch in Berlin. You will be participating in teaching in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in Psychology in the domains relevant to Differential Psychology, Culture and Society. The courses will be conducted in English and include extensive lectures, smaller seminars, and individual supervision of research internships and thesis projects, as well as general coordination and administrative tasks. Furthermore, you will serve as director for the English-language Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes at the SFU Berlin.

In Differential Psychology at SFU, the research on individual differences serves as a window through which psychological phenomena are identified and analysed in relation to cultural, societal, and historical structures. The blending of personality, culture, and society within the professorship underscores the SFU’s unique interdisciplinary and holistic approach to psychology. To highlight the unique tradition of the SFU, the professorship is in Personality Psychology, Culture and Social Theory, thereby highlighting the cultural and social context in which both the phenomena of differential psychology, and the study thereof, are embedded. The ideal candidate recognises the critical importance of linking research on individual differences to societal conditions and implications, utilising sophisticated methodologies to ensure findings have real-world relevance and impact. The ideal candidate will have conducted both quantitative and qualitative research, and will show a particular scholarly focus on issues related to the philosophy of science underlying psychological research.

The core tasks include:

  • Serving as Director of the English-language Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes at the SFU Berlin
  • Representation of the subject in research and teaching
  • Promoting young academics and supervising theses on all levels (bachelor, master and PhD)
  • Implementation of basic and specified lectures in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes of psychology as well as participation in the doctoral program (PhD Psychology)
  • Participation in university management further developing the Berlin department within the Faculty of Psychology
  • Developing research strategies and spearheading future research projects at the Berlin department within the Faculty of Psychology
  • Initiating and contributing to the acquisition of significant external research funding to support the research profile to be developed at the Berlin department within the Faculty of Psychology

Specific Requirements:

  • MSc in Personality, Social, or Cultural Psychology REPHRASE: MSc in Psychology with an emphasis on differential psychology from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • PhD in Personality, Social, or Cultural Psychology REPHRASE: PhD in Psychology with an emphasis on differential psychology from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Excellent research qualification in the field of Psychology with an emphasis on differential psychology from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • proven by internationally competitive research and publication performance
  • Relevant university teaching experience in English and highly decisive competence in the field of Psychology
  • Leadership skills, communication skills and excellent teamwork skills
  • Experience in curriculum development
  • Experience in organizational leadership
  • A track record of international and cross-cultural competence
  • A clear vision on future developments in the respective fields of research
  • An extensive national and international academic network
  • Fluent English Language (both written and spoken) (main operational language), and fluent in German

It is required that the future full-professor will move their work centre to Berlin, Germany (including close work relation with the Faculty of Psychology in Vienna).
The minimum annual gross salary for this position is EUR 84,000 on a full-time basis.
The university aims to increase the proportion of women in scientific staff, especially in management functions, and therefore explicitly encourages women to apply. Women are given priority with equal qualifications. People with disabilities or chronic diseases who meet the required qualifications are expressly invited to apply. The university particularly welcomes applications from people with a migration background.

In your application, please include:

  1. Letter of motivation, including reasons for applying to SFU
  2. Detailed curriculum vitae (tabular format)
  3. List of your teaching activities/teaching experiences
  4. List of your published works
  5. Proof of your academic degrees (including degree certificates)
  6. Evidence of additional academic achievements
  7. Presentation of your current research focus (maximum 1 A4 page)
  8. Quantitative research indicators (H-index and number of citations according to Web of Science and Google Scholar, third-party funding)
  9. List of third-party funded projects

Please submit your application electronically to the Rector’s Office,
Submitting all relevant parts of the application as indicated above is a necessary condition for your valid application. For further information regarding the content of your application please contact the Head of the Dean’s office, Faculty of Psychology, Mag. Peter Lasinger (

There is no entitlement to compensation for travel and accommodation expenses incurred in relation to the admission process.
The application deadline is July 31st 2024.