Equal Opportunities Committee

Information about the Equal Opportunities Committee (pdf)  (Deutsch, Engl.)

Students and persons employed at the SFU can apply to

  • the committee with a complaint (in written or oral form) in cases of discrimination with respect to gender, ethnical background, religion, worldview, age, and sexual orientation
  • by members of statutory bodies and affiliates of the SFU, and persons who are employed at the SFU.

Written applications can be submitted by using the postbox: Gleichbehandlungskommission Postkasten, 4th floor Freudplatz 1, 1020 Wien; or via email gleichbehandlung@sfu.ac.at

Oral applications can be addressed to one of the members of the working group during a personal meeting:

  • Karl Garnitschnig Email
  • Lea Fickenscher Email – ÖH
  • Florian Heindler Freudplatz 3, 1020 Wien, Zi 415, Email
  • Gerda Mehta (Vorsitzende) Email, tel 06766258252
  • Birgit U. Stetina Freudplatz 1, 1020 Wien, Zi 5004, Email
  • Julia Struppe –Email – ÖH

All complaints will be treated in strict confidence. When there is any appearance of conflicts of interest, the member concerned will be excluded from processing the complaint. We ask for understanding that the committee could face difficulties when processing anonymous complaints, in particular, – if there is no further investigation possible.

The committee cannot issue binding acts or judgments. It will, however, insist on the resolution of the conflicts articulated in the complaints.
The committee is entitled to

  • request written and/or oral responses to the complaint;
  • recommend the use of mediation, psychotherapy, coaching, moderation, or professional advice;
  • offer conversation(s) with conflict partners
  • ask for expert opinions and advice;
  • provide information and advice;
  • report observations that it receives in an anonymized form to the Academic Senate of the Sigmund Freud University periodically.