The educational program of the World Council for Psychotherapy, together with the Professional Psychotherapeutic League of Russia, is pleased to present Future Lab, part of the International School of Young Psychotherapists. Future Lab is a new platform for those who have recently taken up professional clinical practice, as well as students and invited experts, to come together and exchange their ideas and experiences with one another during the second Congress on Mental Health, “Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century”, taking place in Moscow, Russia from 4th to 6th of October, this year.

Within the program of Future Lab, recent graduates in psychotherapy will be given an opportunity to present their projects in three unique sectors: scientific research, start-ups in the social sphere, or psychotherapeutic technique.

Within the framework of the School program, the winners will be granted the following opportunities:

  • To take part in a specially developed scientific and practical program, including lectures and seminars from global leaders in Psychotherapy.
  • To present research, organizational and practical work to top scientific mentors of the Congress, and to receive feedback and make contact with these international colleagues.
  • The ability to receive grants from various international practical centers and universities.
  • Complimentary participation to all scientific events of the Congress.
  • Excursion tours around the city of Moscow.
  • The chance to make new acquaintances and expand ones professional network on an international scale, through participation in numerous discussions and debates concerning the content of the Congress.
  • Possibilities of having articles published in the collection of scientific papers of the Congress, in addition to the monthly scientific and practical journal Psychotherapy.
  • An invitation to speak at the IX World Congress on Psychotherapy in 2020.

About our congress:

See you in Moscow!

With kind regards, 
Ekaterina Makarova MSc.

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International School of Young Psychotherapists (pdf)