SFU NEWS | Master-student of psychotherapy science wrote an “SFU Anthem” for our university!

SFU Anthem from Nikol Hoxha

Nikol Hoxha, master-student of psychotherapy science in the international programme, wrote an anthem for the university. We gladly present the new „SFU Anthem“.


Dear Nikol, why did you write a song and make a Video for SFU?

Rapping started out as a hobby a few months ago. I was searching for beats and came across “Suraisu” by Grilla Beats. I am not exactly sure why I connected the melody to SFU, perhaps how “Suraisu” sounds somewhat similar to “SFU”. Then I told a friend about the idea and he said he would love to help me make it a video as well. I had also just finished the Bachelor’s exam and I found myself with a lot of free time in my hands, that I decided to spend writing lyrics. I was also very excited to create a project on my own that would allow me to express myself fully.

What was your main motivation?

I had already performed once in front of a crowd and I realised that they would not stay focused throughout the whole performance. So, my goal was to do something that would unite people who shared a common interest or purpose. Then I was reminded that a student at my former high school had designed and sprayed the school’s logo in the high school campus, of course he was granted permission first. So I thought this song would be my graffiti art.

What do you study at SFU?

I am currently enrolled in the Master’s Psychotherapy programme in the psychoanalytic modality, immediately after graduating in October, at SFU as well.

Could you discribe yourself?

I don’t like to define myself, but I would share my train of thoughts with this: I am someone who enjoys life and likes playing an active role in it. I welcome challenges, because otherwise I would get bored, hence why I chose a profession like psychotherapy. I like being valued and appreciated for my efforts, especially when the efforts include other people than myself, such as this project. Finally, I like living with the idea that I tried, rather than what could have been.

Thank you very much!