SFU Student Research Award 2019

We want to motivate our Psychotherapy Science and Psychology students to present their research projects at scientific conferences. When you present your work as a poster or active panel talk you can apply for the “SFU Student Research Award“.

All BA, MA and PHD students of SFU PTW and PSY (both International and German programme) can apply for the research award. Each semester we will award the five best scientific presentations.

The following documents are needed for the application:

  • conference abstract (abstracts can be handed in for conferences you attended the past semester)
  • proof of participation
  • depending on the form of participation: a picture of a poster, the slides of a presentation or an extended summary for a discussion

The abstracts will be reviewed by a committee and each semester the best five presentations will be awarded. The winners will receive a study fee reduction of 500 EUR for the following semester.

Winter term: 1st March
Summer term: 1st August

Please send your applications to: studentresearchaward@sfu.ac.at