Univ.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Tarek el Sehity

LocationVienna / Milano
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Field of workScientific Coordination: International Master in Business- and Economic Psychology


Tarek el Sehity is an associate professor at the Faculty of Psychology and responsible for the scientific coordination of the Department of Business- and Economic Psychology. He has studied Psychology at the Universities of Vienna, Paris 5, Liechtenstein, Rome 1 and collaborates with research institutions (National Research Council of Italy, Stanford University, Claremont Graduate College) on his research projects dedicated to empowerment processes for humans in institutions.

As a lecturer in the field of economic psychology, his responsibility lies in the transfer of knowledge which students recognize as relevant to their own professional purposes and aspirations. Understanding what matters most to students, developing their missions as psychologists in tomorrow’s society is therefore critical for his didactic approach.

Teaching: Research Paradigms in Economic Psychology; Psychology of Family Businesses;

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Research Topics and Interests

The Psychology of Family Enterprises: Family Purpose for Families with extraordinary responsibilities.
With each new generation, an opportunity arises to reflect on, confirm, and transmit a family’s beliefs about its responsibility to others. The question of how a shared (or family) purpose develops has not jet been explored. This research seeks to bring the scientific knowledge of individual purpose to bear on the problem of wealth transmission among leading families and collective family purpose. In short, we aim to advance our understanding of how family purposes develop and how they can be encouraged, especially among families with extraordinary responsibilities. Although it may well be the case that all families benefit by more intentionally focusing on their collective purpose, doing so may be particularly important for families who earn and inherit significant wealth, since these families control billions of dollars that can be allocated in socially beneficial ways or that can be squandered. The decisions these families make influence the lives of people around the world. We are requesting funds to support a year to plan for a mixed-methods, empirical study that explores the conditions under which family purposes develop and are transmitted to new generations. We aim to better understand what effective family conversations about purpose entail, who broaches them, and what impact they have on family members. We seek to learn how purpose can help families with extraordinary responsibilities manage their resources in socially beneficial ways and how it can help such families thrive.

Approach: Qualitative In-depth Interviews with 2-3 family members of business families;

UHNWI-Mobility in the 21st Century: A Psychological Investigation.
Approach: Qualitative In-depth Interviews with UHNWIs;
Research Team: Tarek el Sehity (P.I., SFU); Felicitas Auersperg (SFU); Martin Einhorn (Porsche, A.G.);

Approach: Mixed Methods;
Research Team: Raffaella Pocobello (P.I.); Tarek el Sehity (SFU);

Univ.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Tarek el Sehity