Master Degree Programme

The Master Degree Programme builds on the experiences gained from the Baccalaureate Programme and deepens students’ knowledge of theory, methodology and the historical development of psychotherapy. Students gain an in-depth understanding of general and method-specific psychopathology, diagnostic methods, the clinical course of disorders and appropriate treatment strategies. The programme places emphasis on the basic sciences of psychobiology, neuroimmunology and socio-scientific and socio-philosophical issues. It continues to widen students’ knowledge of theoretical principles and clinical theories in their chosen school of psychotherapy, the basic principles of which have been covered in the Bachelor’s Degree Programme.

The range and teaching of therapy methods is based on the most current developments of psychotherapy science and in line with the accreditation regulations as specified by Austrian and German law.

Deepening students’ capacity to pursue psychotherapy research is central to the Master Degree Programme. During the programme students learn how to interpret, compare and pursue empirical research questions. The course is designed to broaden students’ theoretical knowledge base in methodology and put it into practice.

Integration of theoretical knowledge with the applied clinical experience is a core element of the Master Degree Programme. Students will undertake supervised internships, both at an external facility and at the University Outpatient Clinic. They will learn the skills and competencies necessary for practicing psychotherapy in personal development courses which are compulsory.

To continue seamlessly with the Master Degree Programme on completion of the Bachelor’s Degree Course students are required to choose the specialist option of psychotherapy while doing their Bachelor’s Degree Programme. Bachelor’s graduates who have opted for the specialist option of “Psychosocial counselling” may enter the Master Programme on condition that they take certain courses which are part of the fifth and sixth semesters of the Bachelor’s Degree Programme.

Course Duration

The Master Degree Course is a four semester programme including the time required to write the Master’s thesis.

University Degree

On successful completion of this degree programme students will be awarded a Master’s Degree (Magisterium) in Psychotherapy Science.

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