Psychotherapy Science Bachelor Programme

Bachelor’s Degree Programme (Bakkalaureat)

Course Aims
This programme lays the groundwork for the science of psychotherapy. It provides students with the basic scientific principles and diagnostics related to normal and pathological development. It explores the framework of evidence-based treatment of pathological phenomena as a response to life-experiences by taking psychological, medical, sociological and anthropological aspects into consideration.

During the Bachelor’s Degree Programme, students develop basic competencies in research methodologies and are introduced to the legal, economic and social framework.

A major component of the course is practical training in psychotherapy. Students become acquainted with reflective practice and are guided to develop self-reflection and self-awareness.

In the course of the programme students are required to choose between two specialist options – “Psychotherapy” and “Psychosocial Counselling”. The option of “Psychotherapy” introduces students to the clinical application of psychotherapy and provides them with the basis for the continuing Master’s Degree Programme.

The specialist option of “psychosocial counseling” qualifies students to practice psychosocial counseling.

Course Duration
The Bachelor’s Degree Course is a six-semester (three year) programme, including the time required to write the Bachelor’s thesis.

University Degree
On successful completion of this degree programme students will be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree (Bakkalaureat) in Psychotherapy Science.

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