Day of mediation-Podium discussion:

Is mediation an appropriate training tool for peace building?

It is our great pleasure to invite you to a panel discussion to be held on 18 June, 2018. It will be hosted by the ARGE Bildungsmanagement, in the framework of project which is funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020 (no 700583). The program is set up to bring together peace training initiatives and work towards a common understanding of European contributions towards training in the field of conflict prevention and peace building. For more information you can click on the following ‘link’:

Distinguished speakers with different nationalities, cultural backgrounds, professional roles and mother tongues will be gathering to discuss key issues in fostering peace in different formats and through different phases of pre – during, and post conflict escalations. There will be robust discussions around several concerns of providing training for those who engage in peace and conflict resolution activities during times of escalation in various regions, and in the aftermath of escalation when dealing with long term effects, such as trauma, resettling in society, preventing and countering violent extremism, and peace keeping missions – all linked to projecting stability for concerned persons, people, regions and beyond.

The aim of the panel discussion is to share the experiences of different stakeholders and their various ideas on how to prepare for important issues which arise during field work.  The event will bring together distinguished speakers who want to have dialogue with the audience about their experiences and concerns and how one can teach stakeholders to be prepared for their future engagements.

Experts from diverse regions, field work and peace training programmes will get in dialogue with the audience:

  • Aladin Bandi, MBA: Founder and Chairman of SMART Academy, Vienna after successful Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, Master of Business Administration from Atlanta University, USA
  • Berthold Hubegger, BA MA: BA in Police-Leadership, MA in Security Management, Deputy Head of Department “Operational Affairs” as well as of the Head of the Unit “International Missions and Operations” within the Ministry of Interior, Austria. He gained extensive international experience in various EU and UN missions especially in police reform issues
  • Galina Pokhmelkina, Moscow: Psychodrama-therapist, Mediator, Psychologist; engaged in open dialogue between Ukrainians & Russians
  • Harald Rettner, M.A.: M.A. Peace & Conflict Studies, Social Worker; he has worked in conflict zones around the globe – e.g. Bougainville, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Ukraine
  • Roland B. Wilson, PhD: Incheon, Korea PhD, Program Coordinator & Professor of Conflict Analysis & Resolution, George Mason University, Korea Campus
  • Jay W. Yamashiro, M.A.: M.A. Peace & Conflicts study, LGBTIQ-affirmative Kink-aware Mental health professional, Somatic Sexologist


  • Gerda Mehta
    Psychotherapist, Mediator, Supervisor, Clinical Psychologist

Program (pdf)

Sigmund Freud Privatuniversität, Freudplatz 1, 1020 Wien, Room 2002 (close to U2, Messe-Prater)

18. Juni 2018    18.00 – 20.00 Uhr

Please register till June 1 at:

An event by ARGE Bildungsmanagement together with Sigmund Freud University.