With the support of Sigmund Freud University, you are cordially invited to the

International Conference on Temporary- and Child- Marriages
Modern Slavery and the Ramifications for the Psychological Disorders in Women

Monday 4 March 2019,

Festssal, Sigmund Freud University,Vienna at 9:00 am – 17:30 pm

Dr. Behnaz Hosseini & Dr. Ourania Roditi

The Conference is to discuss and assess the frequency and popularity of temporary- and child- marriages in the Middle East and among the refugee communities in Austria, to explore their historical background and the reasons why they still persist today, as as well as to gain an in-depth understanding of the emotional and psychological violence that the women who have been subjected to these practices, are experiencing. It will be also debated why temporary – and child- marriages are considered a disguise of modern slavery


More information:
Dr. Seyedeh Behnaz Hosseini: seyedehbehnazhosseini@gmail.com
Dr. Ourania Roditi rourania@ymail.com


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