Sigmund Freud University – SUMMER SCHOOL 2018 – Psychotherapy Science

2nd July – 13th July, 2018

Working with the Client

As every year when it becomes summer, the Sigmund Freud University opens its doors for interested students from all over the world and presents a blend of its strength in psychotherapy science. Psychotherapy science is a worldwide unique and pioneering study programme; its curriculum is designed according to the Austrian psychotherapy law and allows graduates to work as a psychotherapist. There is a crucial difference between psychotherapy science and psychology (even with counselling psychology): Psychotherapy science is based on the first and second person approach to the human mind, as in difference to psychology that is based on the third person perspective that is said to be ‘scientific’. Psychotherapy science reunites, thus, hermeneutical with clinical knowledge and lays an emphasis on self-awareness and empathy.

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