Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) is a rare genetic disorder, making the skin as vulnerable “as a butterfly’s wings”. There is no cure yet. Medical and clinical research is working hard to make life easier for people with EB in the future.

But what about now? What can make dealing with EB easier now? In cooperation with DEBRA Austria, Sigmund Freud University is currently conducting a study on the quality of life with EB. An interdisciplinary team of psychologists and physicians, led by DDr. Gudrun Salamon is researching “Burdens and helpful aspects for achieving and maintaining quality of life with Epidermolysis Bullosa“. So far, 42 interviews have been conducted with patients, relatives and experts, and the first publications are prepared. An international online survey on helpful aspects of coping with the disease is currently being conducted.

Within the framework of the project, final theses at BA and MA level are now being assigned (a PhD thesis is also possible upon request), preferably starting as early as the beginning of summer. Would you be willing to offer your commitment and competence as a psychologist or medical doctor in training?

The project is looking for students who would like to write their final thesis within the framework of the project, including joint research work in a team and intensive supervision. The aim of the ongoing research is to collect and analyse what is perceived as helpful by those affected and their relatives in dealing with EB. The project works with mixed methods, i.e. there are both qualitative and quantitative as well as combined questions.

If you are interested, please contact the project leader DDr. Gudrun Salamon (Faculty of Psychology) at gudrun.salamon@sfu.ac.at