Although there is a large number of projects researching human sexual behaviour, there is a lack of data that is  internationally comparable and compatible with the current diagnostic standards (e.g. ICD-11).

The International Sex Survey ( is a large-scale, transnational research project that aims to remedy this deficiency and has developed its own scale for this purpose. The Institute for Behavioural Addictions at SFU coordinates the Austrian contribution to the study together with Gesundheit Österreich GmbH.

In the anonymous online survey, positive aspects of sexuality (e.g. sexual satisfaction, sexual desire) as well as negative aspects of sexuality (e.g. increased willingness to take risks, psychological or somatic problems related to sexuality) are examined. Dr Dominik Batthyány, head of the Institute for Behavioural Addictions at SFU:

“We want to find out why and for whom different sexual behaviours can lead to positive or negative experiences and well-being – that is, what factors contribute to sexual satisfaction and how can we best support people with sexual problems. After all, sexuality is an essential factor in human well-being – and we accordingly hope that many people will participate in this online survey.”

The survey is taking place in more than 40 countries around the world and has been approved by an ethics committee in each participating country. Participating in the survey is of course anonymous and voluntary and takes about 25-30 minutes.

Link to participate:
For the Austrian version, select “German (Austria)” at the top right of the first page and then click on the green “continue” button at the bottom.

Dr. Dominik Batthyány,
Head of the Institute for Behavioural Addictions at SFU
Press release (in German)