From 16-19 June 2021, the first conference of the Association of European Qualitative Researchers in Psychology took place, titled “Creating Bridges”.

Katharina Hametner presented the status quo of qualitative research in psychology in Austria at the invited panel ‘Creating bridges between European qualitative researchers’. Natalie Rodax, Katharina Hametner and Sandra Reisch presented a poster on ‘Approaching gendered biographies: On the intersection of psychological and gender research on postfeminist selves’. Vanessa Payr, Katharina Hametner and Natalie Rodax presented a poster on ‘Between modernity and tradition in emerging adulthood: On ‘modern’ femininity in young women’s everyday talk’. Julia Struppe-Schanda, Markus Wrbouschek, Claire Gutkowski, Julius Metzler, Gregor Wasicky gave a presentation on ‘I always had kind of a rich inner life…” – towards a grounded theory of professionists’ ‘discovery’ of the psychological. 

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