Prim. Univ. Prof. DDr. Alexander Rokitansky

Prim. Univ. Prof. DDr. Alexander Rokitansky

Faculty Medizin
Location Wien

Field of work

Chair of Paediatric and Adolescent Surgery


Prim. Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Alexander M.
Rokitansky is a specialist in general surgery,
paediatric and adolescent surgery and
paediatric intensive care medicine. His
scientific activities include questions of
cardiac surgery (development of an artificial
heart), surgical oncology, malformation
surgery, and the treatment of children and
adolescents. Oncology, deformity surgery
(funnel chest correction...), cardiovascular
research, anatomy and pathology. Since
1994 primary physician at the SMZO in
Vienna. Ed Board Europ J Ped Surgery, Ed
Board Act Chir Latviensis, Corresp. member
of the German Society for Paediatric
Surgery, Beautragter of the International
Academy for Paediatric Surgery, Austrian
Diploma of Advanced Training, Cross of
Honour for Science and Art.