News from Iceland: 2nd transnational meeting of the iFEMPOWER Erasmus+ project in Bifröst

Not all universities can claim that their students have a view of a volcano from their lecture halls. And even less could offer their students and faculty the opportunity to release the stress of exams and deadlines at a huge waterfall just 10 minutes away from the main buildings.

The Icelandic Bifröst University, where the second transnational meeting of the iFEMPOWER Erasmus+ project took place on the 20th and 21st March 2019, is exactly a place like that. SFU faculty members Dr. Erzsebet Fanni Toth and Mag. Eva Wimmer took part in discussions about the possibilities of empowering female students at higher education institutions.

Over the two days they reflected on the interview study they conducted in fall 2018 with female entrepreneurs from Austria and the other 6 participating European countries. In addition, they discussed the draft of an international teaching module and curriculum that will prepare and enable young female university students to start their own businesses.

The two-semester-long course will be offered at Sigmund Freud University in the academic year 2019/20. Students enrolling in the course will also benefit from the mentorship of successful business ladies and the best 6 will be offered participation in international summer and winter schools.

Stay tuned for more details.

Background information and regular updates on the iFEMPOWER project can be found at, where the research study will be available soon.

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SFU Contact:
Dr. Erzsebet Toth

Previous events: Kick-off meeting iFEMPOWER at SFU Vienna in 2018