Information about the recent publication of “Umwelt und Strafe: Überlegungen zum Ökozid“ by Ralph Janik

In his most recent publication, Ralph Janik addresses the probably most pressing issue of our time while presenting an essential solution in international (criminal) law:

The starting point of this essay is an overview of the current situation regarding the deteriorating state of the environment and the origins of climate change. What follows is a definition of the crime of ecocide, namely an internationally enforceable offense for large-scale destruction of the environment. In so doing, he takes us on an instructive journey through the history of genocide, international environmental law, and the fight against climate change. All of this culminates in an assessment of the legal interaction between humans and the environment, along with the significance of penalizing ecocide.

These considerations are introduced by a preface from British-French lawyer and professor of international law at University College London, Philippe Sands. The essay was published in March 2023 as part of the Kanten series with Edition Konturen as publisher.


Ralph Janik
Umwelt und Strafen:
Überlegungen zum Ökozid
60 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-902968-83-8
Verlag: Edition Konturen – Umwelt und Strafen: Überlegungen zum Ökozid