The University Council of SFU was newly elected on 29 July 2020 for a period of five years. The new members of the University Council include Dr. in Gertrude Brinek, Dr. in Ulrike Baumgartner-Gabitzer, Dr. Peter Bosek, Mag. a Ulrike Moser and DDr. in Elisabeth Steiner.

The new chairwoman, Dr. Brinek, former member of the National Council and former Ombudswoman, on the SFU University Council’s mission statement:

“The initial idea of establishing an academic psychotherapy research and study programme in Austria on the basis of the Private University Act has become a successful private university of international standing (see also SFU study programmes and research in Linz, Berlin, Milan, Paris and Ljubljana). In several pioneering development steps, the SFU has been able to evolve from a departmental institution to a focal point university.

The University Council has accompanied and supported this development from the very beginning by providing constructive and critical assistance based on the SFU’s highprofile academic objectives, its own academic and professional experience, its economic and strategic knowledge and its socio-political commitment.

In accordance with the current statutes, the members of the University Council are happy to continue to see themselves as an advisory body to the SFU on the way to consolidating and expanding the existing range of courses. The increasing demand from students, the successful and high-profile activities in research, teaching and continuing education as well as the academic and science policy recognition are motivation and incentive in this respect”.