Human sexuality is multifaceted. In recent years, several studies have shown that people can experience sexual fluidity over the course of life, especially a change in sexual self-identification, but also flexibility regarding other dimensions of sexual orientation, desire and lust.

A media report published in Austrian newspaper Die Presse at the end of January 2024 discusses how our sexuality can change over the course of our lives. In an interview with Lisa Schöttel (Die Presse), sociologist Dr Barbara Rothmüller (SFU) talks about her research project Fluid Sexualities and explains the different stages of development our sexuality goes through.

Participants for interviews wanted!

The aim of the qualitative study “Fluid Sexualities” at SFU’s Faculty of Psychology is to gain a more differentiated insight into the biographies of people with a changing sexuality and thereby reconstruct experiential backgrounds of sexual fluidity.

If you are interested in participating in the study, please write a message to

Dr. Barbara Rothmüller
Project leader

Faculty of Psychology
Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna
Freudplatz 1, 5th floor
1020 Vienna