Dear Colleagues, Dear Collaborating Partners, Dear students!

2018 ends in a few days and it is time to take stock: 2018 was a highly successful year for the SFU. The construction of the Medical Faculty building, which started in 2017, was successfully completed a few weeks ago, so that at the beginning of 2019 the Faculties of Medicine and Law can move into a well-equipped, functionally planned and highly attractively designed new building.

The completion of the new building was only a highlight. The continuing strong interest of people attracted by the dynamism of SFU is another important component that made 2018 a very special year: the SFU’s “Studying with Soul and Quality”-credo is a light that attracts an increasing number of students to the SFU – it is a light increasingly brighter shining in the world of research and teaching. Thus, the year 2018 was also one in which an equally growing number of well-known experts in teaching and research contributed to make studying, teaching and research at the SFU a special experience.

Many new developments could be initiated or started in 2018: Psychology studies are now offered, as well as the study of Psychotherapeutic Science, in addition to German and English. From the middle of 2019, the Ljubljana site will move to a new, highly attractive, central location. The Master’s programme in Human Medicine and Dentistry was successfully started, a large number of research projects were initiated and an SFU Eye Clinic was opened in May 2018.

This is the consistent continuation of a development that has been observable for years: The SFU becomes the scientific home for an ever-increasing number of people who contribute to “Studying with Soul and Quality” being connected to the living experience of science. With great expectations, it is now in the year 2019 – further intensive work and resulting new successes are the goal!

A very special thank you to all of you, our employees, our cooperation partners and of course our students – they are the ones that make the success of the SFU possible. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all on behalf of the entire Rectorate Council. Our common concern is the continuous development of the SFU, and I look forward to successfully mastering all upcoming challenges together with you in the upcoming year!

The entire university management wishes you and your families a peaceful Christmas and best health and success in 2019.

Rector Prof. A. Pritz
in the name of the Rectorate