The Equal Opportunity Working Group (“AKGl”) advocates for all SFU employees on issues of equal treatment, equality, and equal opportunity, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, belief, ethnicity, or any illness, disability, or impairment.

Complaint management

The AKGl deals with equal treatment and equal opportunity relevant complaints that concern at least one person formerly or currently affiliated with SFU (academic staff, administrative staff, teachers, researchers, students, etc) or a related person (facility management, applicants, etc).

If you as a member of the SFU are affected by unequal treatment or discrimination, we will support and advise you – if you wish. You can contact any member of the working group without formalities.

If the AKGl is approached with a complaint about equal treatment or equality, it can take a number of measures (e.g. obtaining opinions, conducting interviews, consulting experts, making recommendations or suggestions, etc.) – always in close consultation with the complainant – in order to counteract unequal treatment in the best possible way.

Information and awareness work

The AKGl contributes to the equal treatment and equality of all members of the SFU through active information and awareness work. To this end, the AKGl produces and distributes information materials and issues circulars drawing attention to issues relevant to gender equality.

In addition, it promotes gender mainstreaming and diversity management at SFU and therefore also works towards structural, digital and other necessary changes to counteract unequal treatment of all forms.

Personal counseling and support

The AKGl also provides consulting work on topics relevant to equal treatment and equality. Upon request and on its own initiative, it provides information about the activities and measures of the working group as well as about (counseling) opportunities outside the SFU.

Participation in personnel selection

In addition, the working group supports the non-discriminatory and inclusive formulation of job advertisements and can be involved in any personnel selection process in an advisory and participatory capacity at the request of applicants or on its own initiative.

The AKGl also participates in all appointment procedures at SFU. It is informed by the appointment committee about every step of the procedure and can always comment. In addition, the continuous presence of a member of the AKGl is ensured during the hearing.