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Regular opening hours:
Monday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm
Tel. +43 1 798 40 98 350

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SFU Library Vienna, Freudplatz 1

The SFU Vienna library is a reference library open to SFU students and researchers. You may use available items and media inside the library only. The total library stock includes over 40,000 items, consisting mainly of books and journals in German. Areas covered range from general psychology, psychotherapy science, psychoanalysis, ethnopsychoanalysis and medicine to cultural studies, philosophy and law.

Reading room, systematics, catalogue

Reading room, systematics, catalogue
The most important and latest publications, textbooks, and items set aside for particular lecturers on reserve shelves (Handapparate) are directly available in the reading room 3012, 3rd floor (open shelves). In addition, you will find all new acquisitions made by the library and current editions of print journals. The systematics (information in German) provides information on where to find items in the reading room’s open shelves (“shelf marks” beginning with A… , B, … etc.) Books available on the shelves can be used in the reading room and partly be duplicated (see “copyright” below). Items from the archives (“location” beginning with a… , b, … etc.) must be requested in advance (takes approx. one day).

Library policy

Library policy
Bags, backpacks and coats must be placed in the lockers located in the entrance area of the library. No food or drink is permitted in the library at any time. Loud talking and the use of cell phones are not allowed. Pets are not permitted in the reading room. Users are allowed to view a maximum of 10 items from the open shelves in the reading room at one time.

It is not permitted to duplicate entire books or journals. However, items may partly be photocopied for individual use, or for participants of lectures / seminars.

If you wish to learn more about the library, please ask our staff in the reading rooms or contact us at